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 Code	Titel
 Episoden/MG37-42 unnamed
 1F02	Burning Down The Mouse
 1F06	Ahhh! Wilderness
 1F13	Scar Trek: The Next Laceration
 1F16	Buck Chops Here, The
 1F22	Planet Of The Aches
 2F01	Last Traction Hero, The
 2F01	Roger Meyer Story
 2F01	Scratchtasia
 2F01	Pinitchyo
 2F31	Four Funerals And A Wedding
 3F01	Foster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!
 3F02	Skinless In Seattle
 3F03	Esophagus Now
 3F16	Remembrance Of Things Slashed
 3F16	Manhattan Madness
 3F16	Itchy & Scratchy Meet Fritz The Cat
 3F16	Scratchy Goes To Hell
 3G03	Reservoir Cats, With Special Guest Director Quentin Tarantino 
 4F06	Good Cats, Bad Choices
 4F12	Why Do Fools Fall In Lava?
 4F12	Beagle Has Landed, The
 4F12	Test Marketing
 4F12	Ice Sculpture Contest
 4F12	William Tell Spoof
 4F18	Deaf Comedy Blam!
 5F15	Glass Moan-agerie, The
 7F03	Let Them Eat Scratchy
 7F09	Hold That Feline
 7F09	Kitchen Kut-Ups
 7F09	Eyebombs
 7F09	Messenger Of Death
 7F09	Marge's Cameo As A Squirrel
 7F09	Porch Pals
 7F09	Turning Itchy & Scratchy Off
 7F09	Gunfight
 7F16	Sundae Bloody Sundae
 7F17	Vorspann
 7F23	O Solo Meow
 7F24	Bang The Cat Slowly
 7G04	untitled 
 7G12	Burning Love
 8F03	Sounds Of Silencers, The
 8F04	My Dinner With Itchy
 8F05	Field Of Screams
 8F09	House Of Pain, Or This Old House
 8F11	Cat Splat Fever
 8F22	I'm Getting Buried In The Morning
 9F01	Flay Me To The Moon
 9F03	Steamboat Itchy
 9F03	Eye On Springfield
 9F03	That Happy Cat
 9F03	Hitler WW2 Short
 9F03	Itchy And Scratchy Trailer
 9F03	Itchy And Scratchy Movie
 9F08	100-Yard Gash
 9F12	Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
 9F13	My Bloody Valentine
 9F16	Dazed And Contused
 9F16	Little Barbershop Of Horrors
 9F16	Screams From A Mall
 9F18	Untitled, With Guest Director Oliver Stone
 9F19	Eastern Europe's favorite cat-and-mouse team
 9F20	Germs Of Endearment
 9F22	Spay Anything
 AABF01	Candle In The Wound
 BABF02	Springfield Squares
 BABF04	Tears Of A Clone, The
 CABF06	Bart bedauert, daß er die IuS-Episode verpaßt, an deren Schluß sich die beiden küssen.
 CABF11	Reklamespot für "Stabby-Oh's"
 DABF05	To Kill A Talking Bird
 DABF06	Circus Of The Scars
 DABF09	Im Radio läuft ein IuS-Hörspiel
 DABF10	Par For The Corpse
 DABF15	Butter Off Dead
 EABF10	Bleeder Of The Pack
 FABF01	A Briss Before Dying
 FABF06	im alten England als Kasperletheaterfiguren
 FABF07	Moo Goo Gai Pain
 FABF11	The Battle of Slaughter-Loo [edited for prison viewing]
 FABF18	What's Nuked, Pussycat? [written and directed by C. Montgomery Burns]
 GABF03	Beim Umschalten der Fernsehprogramme ist Itchy in Nahaufnahme kurz zu sehen.
 GABF11	Kitty-Kill Condition
 GABF13	Lisa träumt davon, im Gewinnfalle IuS umzulegen
 GABF14	Bart spielt auf dem Gameboy ein IuS-Spiel
 GABF16	untitled (Scratchy besucht das Musical Cats)
 HABF08	untitled (Scratchy landet unter der Guillotine)
 HABF12	Es ist Premiere des IUS-Musical SCAB-A-LOT mit Autorin Juliana Krellings als Gaststar.
 JABF15	untitled (Krusty kommentiert einen IUS-Film, in dem Scratchy in die Luft gesprengt wird und Itchy mit den Überresten jongliert)
 JABF20	Come Flay With Me 
 JABF19	The Un-Natural 
 JABF16	Im ersten Segment sieht man kurz Itchy & Scratchy in "Samba with the stars" tanzen.
 KABF01	Spherical on 34st Street 
 KABF20	diePod Slaylist 

 Hit And Run    500 Yard Gash

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